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Related article: Date: Thursday, January 10, 2008 November 14 29 -0500 From: ronyx u003cronyx Woh. rr. com u003e Subject: fragile as a bird Chapter 6 The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to someone simply at random. The story is intended for mature audiences. May be obscenities and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something better to read. The author retains all rights a history. Do not copy or use without written permission. Write to Ron ronyx Woh. rr. com with your comments is their generosity that keeps this site going. Now go to their main activity page and discover how you can help the Nifty Archive a free site. fragile as a bird Chapter 6 "Hold Up". Stern, grabbed my shoulder and turned. I had been Allen Room, and I was on the way back to me. "What is happening?" The confused look on his face showed that s worried about her friend. " Forget it," I insisted. I can not explain my feelings. When n in the room, and saw the evil eye on Allen 's face, which was full of with my own frustration. It seemed as if two cars collide in a dark place, deserted road. From that day on the bridge, sad face was etched Allen in my mind. I went to bed at night thinking about him and wondered if you see him again. I had visited the cafe a few times, hoping to to run on it. But the expression on his face, anger and disgust, I was surprised. for ran. "Joey " star asked. "Please, stop and talk to me. " I had tried away from her so she could return to my room. I stopped and looked. "Do you two know ?" I looked at his blue eyes, trying to discover the emotions I felt. " We have come," I confessed. " You know, Allen? " N "I said, we've done. " I turned around and walked away. " Would you stop talking and to me," he said. I looked around the room to see if anyone had heard his outburst. A nurse to help see a n ear the door, but then disappeared. " Wemy room, " I said as I turned and walked quietly to the Hall Once in my room, I fell into a chair and buried my head in my hands. Stern, entered the room and sat anxiously beside me. After a minute, took my hand in hers and gently rub the back of the it. "Would you tell me what's going on? " I sat for a minute, and then let out a deep sigh. I looked at anxiety look on his face. Then I went with her about my brief encounter say Allen. Seemed excited when I said I wanted Preteen Bbs to commit suicide. When I finished, she rose and walked to the bathroom. I can be heard in silence crying inside. After a few minutes back. that s face was crying and looked very upset. " I knew he was depressed," he said, "but I had no idea he wanted to die. " " What about him? "I had been wondering about his health, because we are. For someone so young he was, as he was on the verge of death. " I can not say, "she said tearfully. That bEgan, to mourn uncontrollably. I , reaching over, she moved to my shoulder as she continued to sob. " He is your friend? " I asked again Preteen Bbs when then serenity. "No," he laughed nervously. N "There is nothing like that. " "What is it? " "Allen was my neighbor," she said. " I know him, almost all my life. In recent years have been very difficult for him. " N " I won a lot," he said. "What is your problem? " " is very ill," he said. " But I will not go into it. It s also has a problem with his family. " " Who does not know," he laughed. " You know, Gene Albright, right? " He asked. " Yes," he spat, me. My face began to flush with anger. " is the brother of Allen, " he said. ", but do not have the same name. " I said. " They have different parents," she shared with me. "All the players of the first marriage of the is. " " If Gene is his brother, then it's no wonder so fucking Allen, " I replied. "I have still fear he will try to get back to me because it exposed him to "I said nervously. " That sounds like Gene, "he said angrily. " Allen left home because it was so hateful and homophobic. " A look of surprise appeared in the face after she realized what she had said. " So Allen is gay? "I asked. " This is not to say to me, " to move. N " Exactly what can you Preteen Bbs say? "I laughed and tried some of the tensions in the room. " I never gave a reason I left the room was. "She began to of alert in the face. N " I can not really explain it, " confessed. " It only took me a surprise, I think. When I was in bed, and after the appearance was me. " " It was very strange, "he said. " Everybody has their problems, but that 's really not so bad a man, if it were to its thickness. of what you said, it seems you are kind of connection. " " daring me to jump off a bridge is not fair, " I laughed. " In addition, not everything is as good as claimed. "Star gave me a concerned seek. " Sorry, " I apologized. " I do not think you believe tHat is great fun. " At the time, opened the door and Ticker bounding box with a smile on the face of his s". Are you ready to go, bitch? " He suddenly stopped when he saw stars. " Oops. "His face began to turn red. " I never knew you had company. " " Star " I said. " Thick head This is my friend, Ticker. Line, star. " " I've seen you somewhere ", ticker stared stars. " I n I never forget a pretty face. " " best care ", laughed I saw stars. " He is becoming charm. "She started to blush. " I am a friend of Billy Joe. " It was reported quote. " That's where you know, "he said. " Are not you also sister of Barry? " Yes," she said. " is an idiot," spat ticker. " Yes, he is," laughed Stars. Ticker turned and looked at me. "Are you ready to go from here ? dad is the signing of the documents now. " "I have never felt so ready," he admitted. "This place sucks big time. " "Then we ", ticker, as he launched his big arm around my shoulder. " I have lots of homework. " " Fucker" I laugh as I removed my arm from the shoulder. " Give me a minute only with the star, right? " Ticker moved an eyebrow, and looked back and forth between us. I wanted to say that it was not as , but thought I'd ask you to hold for a while. When he left, I asked Star if he would return to all rooms. She said she wanted to spend some time with him. " Tell him I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly. " " me. " She stood on tiptoe and kissed me gently on the cheek. "Maybe you can come and visit me sometime. " N " I do not think," I laughed nervously. "Somehow I'm not sure that that. " N " You will be surprised," he said knowingly. He turned and left the room. ********************** On the way to the trading house, stopped to question me about star. It was careful not to mention that he was gay before his father. I could not help laughing when I saw him choose his words carefully. I know he was dying to say something like, "What is a gatype and as if n where a nice girl like star? " family is Ticker - interesting I guess you could say they are a dysfunctional family, but in a good way to Ticker father is a quiet man who does not say much... and it seems to be happy, if all leave it alone. as soon as he entered the house, went lazy chair, sat down and began reading the newspaper. I do not think \\ \\ n I think it is from behind the paper about an hour. of his mother, on the other side is all. Do I want to all. immediately sat down at the table kitchen and began to interrogate me. asked jokes at a time when police have a detective said. " I'm just a mother with four children. I know I what they do. " I looked at the board, and gave him a knowing smile. If she s of interest in their work, and that s capable of weeds, without the sale of the more suspicious ? Later I said she is very naive. If n which was found hiding kind of person you believe was oregano, when he said that was what it was. Online is one of four children. He has two brothers, one younger and older a. Jeremy is nineteen and still living at home. He worked at Radio Shack , which is rarely at home. Ticker said it's late and you early. Preteen Bbs Arthur 's younger brother. He is thirteen years old and still in middle school. is a kind of geek. Online, said he has always dreamed of in your room of new programs. Arthur says he wants to be the next Bill Gates. Greta is her older sister. She is a junior at the University of the State of emphasis on criminal justice. She wants to become a probation officer. " Maybe one day I will handle your case," he said with a smile Ticker. " No," he laughed. "Arthur I can hire a good lawyer, because he n be a millionaire. " Another notable feature Wendelmeir family is the fact that they are for all naked, except for price. You could almost his two brothers na and locked in a pair orTicker f pants. dinner with them was an interesting experience. Ticker stack meal fit for an army. His mother and father hardly ate nothing, and Arthur was playing with his food most of the time. Ticker ate as was his last meal, while the rest of his family seemed to have n just finished a great meal and could not eat more. " Let's take a ride," suggested Ticker having finished eating. without his mother realized he blew a few puffs of air. I knew, , which he had in mind. went to a park two blocks from his home. Since no one s there, we sat on the swing and Ticker lit a whole. We happened s return, saying nothing for a few minutes. " When we return, " seemed Ticker and smiled. "I have a bit of geometry to do " "Damn, ticker," he said angrily. "I 'm not going to his homework every day. " When he saw how excited he was always apologetic. "Please, Joey. I 'I'm really struggling in this class. You are very intelligent. You can help me. " " I'm happy to help, "he said," but not do it for you. will never learn anything that way. " " You sound like my father, "he laughed. " I can not speak to s not. " Suddenly, I became depressed. It was a week ago since I was in school. I had lost a lot of work, and it was very possible that my grades suffer. I do not I was really so concerned as well as the reaction to my appearance again n school the next day. I think the media had my suicide attempt a few days covered. the police that I had rescued a Home Town Hero. He had done several interviews on television. at the same time, there was a local newspaper somehow acquired an old photo from when I was in the seventh degree n. now everyone knew my story. n " will not be so bad," said ticker gently, as if reading my thoughts. " Yeah, " he replied sadly. " You easy to say. " gave me another joint. " SMoke everything, "he said. Lit a by itself. " I do not know what to do, Ticker. " He looked at me sadly. I could feel tears in my eyes, but do not give a shit. " It seems I'm always a step forward and three steps back. " Weeds hit me, and I was always very emotional. " Damn you, Joey, " said ticker. " Not always a happy n thought? I've known you for over ten years and are always a sad sack. N " n " Fuck, "he spat. I got up and left. Ticker ran a at me and grabbed me. She turned toward him, and then I threw at her large breasts s. n I began to mourn uncontrollably. "I'm tired of living like this," I cried. "is not going to be OK, Joey," he said softly. I could not believe it, \\ \\ n, when I kissed her forehead, as my mother used to do when s a boy and was afraid. " fag", I laughed when I saw him beaten again. His gesture was so is tender and full of charity, he did not know how to react. Even if it was almost like brothers, we never had outward expression of our feelings for each other before. " Shut up, asshole. " I laughed even harder when I saw how embarrassed he was n. I had not thought about what he had done. " Thanks. " I walked towards him and hugged him. He preview of his arms around me and back. We separated and returned home without saying anything about what is happening in the park s. ******************* My concerns about the school were not unfounded. When I stopped at the school every Monday morning and saw me walking down the aisle. that as was Moses, the Red Sea. The people made ​​way for me when I went to. After the verbal assault began. "Fag, pathetic loser, asshole. " Each derogatory word I could think was that I threw. They were on their small and insulted me as something inhuman. A few students seemed friendly, but then approacheshis st eyes down and sneak away. looked forward, as if I could not hear what he said. no s really hard anyway. I would aim for the abuse of n for many years. The only thing this morning there was a little clearer. " If you died," one girl said angrily, as he passed. " I do not know why they let him go back to school," another student replied. "I do not need your kind around here. " I continued, ignore their hateful comments. "would be Joey Carpenter, please contact the office of Mr. Walter. " PA sounded with the announcement system. I turned around and Preteen Bbs went to the office of s, to the same students who had launched his insults only me. went to the office and sat in a chair in the waiting room. I thought it would be a few minutes, until Mr. Walters could see me. I really no hurry in this office, go anyway. I knew it was I was concerned what had happened. Some ten minutelater, he left his office and told me that to give. The secretary looked at me like I was a freak in the show. I sat in a chair across the desk of Mr. Walter, and I was waiting patiently leafing through some papers on his desk. Finally, s over and I looked. He studied for a few seconds before speaking. " How do you feel ?" 'I asked. " OK" he replied. That was nonsense. He wanted to dance on the subject. I knew I had much to say, but I was not sure how " is coming. " Before, after the reaction of my colleagues, not in the mood. Without thinking, he rose and said. " Sorry, Mr. Walters, but quit " And I left his office, was quick to walk down the aisle and then n the building. That did not matter. No. Who was I to think that fool was when I went to school every day and studied hard, you Preteen Bbs could get in my way of shit to go Is not that what teachers say ? "If one learns in a diligent, you can AnythIng want to be. " Bunch of fucking liars. The fact that This does not mean everyone can. " hey, look kid. A little action? " " Sure, why not. " I got into the car with four men, all about twenty. I was taken his apartment, and we spent the day drinking, smoking, and use. She wanted to fuck me sex , but I told them I had a severe case of diarrhea the day before and may not be a wise idea. I manage to suck it all away, at a rate three times. fuck each other, and I caught two of them. was the first time I performed anal sex a other. I guess you could say I have my virginity in the afternoon. We went through about three bottles of whiskey and smoking a n big bag of weed during the five-hour orgy. me n so fucking times left the apartment. somehow I managed to stagger back to home ticker. His mother was in the kitchen and prepared dinner. began, something for me, but a look of horror appeared orn his face to account of the drunk in me She was surprised when I found , and went to her room and broke ticker on the cot he had found in in your room for me. I woke up one morning sick. I could feel my stomach bubbles n as he ran to the bathroom and vomited violently. I was still spitting at the plate when you open the door and enter ticker is " Are you okay? " " Yes," I said sarcastically. "Everything is fantastic. " " Joey", said eagerly : ".. You have to meet you n kill, " I got up and stood before him. "What the hell cares about yourself, ticker ! You not my mother ! " "Joey, please. " " Please what? " I spat. " You're going to embrace it again?" Tears began streamed down my face when I hit in the face. "Damn, " I screamed and then fell in the bathroom. I ran across the hall, opened the door, and ran again. I away from school one day before, and now I was the only run Even took care of me. life is fucking shit. Where I can finish ? Where I always do - Sullivan Lake. As soon as I stripped and plunged into cold water. I swam in the lake twice before going to the beach exhausted and panting for air. " Why? " I roll back and watch the stars. " Why me ? " tears shit. **************** the next few days I spent just aimlessly around the city. E n tricks to make enough money to get something to eat. However, the clothes began to be dirty. I was able to clean my car n Preteen Bbs swimming in the lake, but the terrible wrinkled clothes when I tried to wash n them. thrift stores is a great place to buy things cheap. Could some clean shirts and underwear pants for n less than $ 10 to buy. for a dollar, I bought a school bag to prevent it in. While not very cold weather, I was pretty sure I could survive. On the way, you lose track of time andys. I did not know how long was, I left quote. I thought several times to call him, but then I thought he was just trying to make me speak in return. Online was a good guy. I do not want to ruin your life, like me. seemed, when everything he touched turned into a pile of shit, of course. At least in the absence of s, could catch Joey Hoey to avoid the curse. I N that much of it, do at least. After several days and countless anonymous sexual encounters, she was back Sullivan Lake to find solace. Since I started the cross bridge, I noticed a familiar figure sitting on the wall thin with arms around the legs. His head was on top knees. I approached with caution. He looked up, and then put her head back down. I went and sat against the wall beside him. without n is a word to say, I got on my knees in my body and put my head in my knees. We sat for about 10 minutes without saying a word. "How was it?" I finally asked. took a minute to respond to it. "I was not afraid. " I finally said,. " I just did it. " is turned to me. "Yes? " " Yes. " "What happened ?" Asked. "You is not dead. " N " I do not know. " I looked at him and our eyes. "Suddenly, not die. I do not know. Suddenly, I thought so.. permanent. You know," "permanent ? " " Yes" said. "I hate my life, but when it came time to end it, , it was as if I was not ready. I can not really explain it. " N "I know," he sighed while her head on his knees again. " Standing is a bitch. " " Yes. " We sat for several minutes, again without speaking. I saw a few times and was completely motionless. Then the shoulders began to shake Preteen Bbs , and soon was crying. closer to me around, and then I put my arm around her neck and pulled him to me. His head fell into my lap and stroked her hair, as We both cried. We were two lonely figures huddled in aleft the bridge. **************** - mail to comments by Ron Ron themustardjar. feedback is always com n appreciated. Ronyx Visit the website: www. themustardjar. com for additional chapters and stories.
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